General Information

Below you can find useful phone numbers you may need to contact.

Service Location Contact Information
Police   Tel.: 27230-22316
CSC (Citizen Service Center) Nestoros Square Τel.: 27230-28301, 27230-28302 / Fax: 27230-28300
Health Center of Pylos   Τel.: 27230-23779
Port Authority of Pylos Nestoros Square Τel.: 27230-22225


Service Location Contact Information
Municipality Office   Tel.: 27250-22221
Postal Office   Tel.: 27250-22260
Community Clinic   Tel.: 27250-22208
Taxi   Tel.: 27250-22281
Pharmacy   Tel.: 27250-22200
KTEL (Bus)   Tel.: 27250-21210, 28581, 22851
Police   Tel.: 27250-22203
Port   Tel.: 27250-22377


Service Location Contact Information
Central Airport of Kalamata   Τel. Center: 27210-63800
Port Authority Teloneio Square Τel.: 27210-22218
KTEL (Bus)   Τel.: 27210-23147
OSE (railways)   Τel.: 27210-95056


Service Location Contact Information
Municipality   Tel.: 27230-31255, 27233-60100
Taxi   Tel.: 27230-31333
Community Clinic   Tel.: 27230-31456
Police   Tel.: 27230-31203
CSC (Citizen Service Center)   Tel.: 27230-28743
Fortress of Methoni   Tel.: 27230-22010, 27210-22534
Postal Office   Tel.: 27230-31266


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