Koroni: the story of the painted old windows

In our last trip to Koroni we’ve met a woman lighting a candle in a small church (you will definitely see this kind of personal memorial constructions dedicated to people passed away all over Greece), next to her we saw the above image. Painted old windows.

She told us that the window was his husband’s. He used to draw the name of the cities he had visited abroad during his sea voyages. She kept them in memomy of him…

Welcome to Pylos Stories!

We welcome you to our blog dedicated to beautiful Pylos, ancient kingdom of Nestoros and his father Nileas. What to say about the history of this place, the beauty of the landscape and the people. Let’s start by giving you this awesome video we found in Youtube by Roland Thémis Chabloz . In this video you can see the famous “Voithokoilia” and the castle “Palaiocastro” above the sandy beach.

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