The Isle of Sapientza

Νήσος Σαπιέντζα
Opposite Methoni (in the Oinoussai complex) the sightseer can visit the isle of Sapienza, a living paradise which is still unaffected by human activity (the 98 per cent of the island’s land is covered by vegetation). There, you will see an abundance of bushes, hollies, oaks, tall arbutus trees and other kind of trees that reach the height of 12 metres. You will also find a great variety and number of animals, such as the kri-kri goats - a subspecies of the wild mouflon - partridges, pheasants and several other kinds of beautiful creatures of the natural world! The Forest Inspection Service is responsible for those animals on the island of Sapienza, recording their number and arranging the hunting period each year according to strict conditions. The hunting period is indeed very limited to two months, November and December. The required license is given by the Forest Inspection Service of Kalamata.

Sapienza is the second larger island of the Oinoussai complex and is accessible by sea. Little boats go to Sapienza sailing from Methoni and Foinikounta. At the northern tip of the islet, at the bottom of the sea, the divers will enjoy the exploration of the numerous findings from the load of several old shipwrecks. They will find this underwater beauty irresistible! Also note that the first maritime museum is under construction (it will open its door in the summer of 2014), which will also be a diving centre allowing visitors to dive and have an extraordinary view of the Roman shipwreck, where the granite columns from the peristyle of the temple of Herod and a number of sarcophagi are still lying intact. You can obtain further information on the shipwreck of the area if you visit the exhibition “Shipwrecks” which is on display in Niokastro, Pylos.

On the island, there is a big lighthouse which was constructed by English settlers in 1885 and was functioning with the use of mirrors. In the present days, there is no lighthouse-keeper and the lighthouse works with solar power hives, while its light can be seen up to a distance of 28 sea miles.

The isle of Sapienza has not been developed as a touristic destination in a great scale. It could definitely have been a great alternative tourist destination offering interesting exploratory and hiking opportunities to the lovers of nature and history! We definitely suggest you to organize a trip to the site. You should also go on a tourist boat day trip and ask the captain to let you dive in the beautiful and clear waters of Ammos Beach - you will not regret it!

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