The Museum of Chora

Μουσείο Χώρας

The Museum of Chora was established in 1969 by the Archaeological Service. As someone can easily understand, the museum bears the name of the town of Chora (Nestoros) and hosts a significant number of artefacts from excavations that took place in the wider area around Chora.

Μουσείο Χώρας Μουσείο Χώρας

In the museum, you will find artefacts from the region of Ano Egklianos, such as a number of clay tablets with inscriptions. These objects were paradoxically saved to the present days due to a fire which caused the clay tablets to become partially baked. However, the unfortunate outcome of the fire was the destruction of the palace and the frescoes that used to decorate the interior of the palace of Nestor. Other antiquities from the numerous vaulted tombs that were discovered in the area are also displayed. What will also impress the visitor is the great number of golden objects (calixes and jewellery) which suggest the grandeur and great wealth of the kingdom. 


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